Q CELLS Solar Solutions

Q CELLS is one of the leading global tier 1 manufacturers of high performance solar panels. Their range of panels are promoted as being ‘Engineered in Germany’ which is where their headquarters  for research and development is operated from. The panels themselves however are manufactured in Malaysia, China and Korea.

Q CELLS does also have an Australian office which is located in North Sydney.

Q CELLS solar panels are salt mist corrosion resistance making them suitable for installation to homes across Perth and the rest of Australia.

Their product warranties range from 15 to 25 years, depending on the model.  At Termico Solar Generation we are currently supplying their Q PEAK range of panels which come with a 25 Year Product and Performance Warranty. However if there is a particular panel in the Q CELLS range you’re interested in we do have ability to source these.

Q CELLS Solar Panels Datasheet

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