Buy solar panels for your home

There has never been a better time to buy solar panels for your home.

Electricity prices expected to increase 15% by 2019

Electricity prices are set to increase 15% in the next two years (source West Australian) and with incentives and rebates still available, there is no reason to delay.  

Payback in three years

In most cases, with residential solar, you can see a return on investment within three years. Click  to obtain a payback time estimate

Choose Termico with Confidence

The Termico Group has been in business since 1996.  Unlike many solar companies we are established and here for the future.  Termico only uses quality Tier 1 suppliers at great value prices. Besides the standard supplier warranties, Termico offers a 5-year warranty on installation. To buy the right panels for your home, you need to select the company that will give you the best advice,  here are some top tips

Our residential solar team  will assist you in quoting an appropriate size system for your needs based on:

•    Your energy bills
•    Roof space
•    Usage patterns
•    Your budget

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Estimates of production by system size

Subject to the above needs and the usage on your electricity bill that indicates your average usage these are the estimates of production by system size:

1.5Kw PV System - 7 units
2.0Kw PV System - 9 units
3.0Kw PV System - 14 units
4.0Kw PV System - 18 units
5.0Kw PV System - 22 units
6.0Kw PV System - 26 units
6.5Kw PV System - 28 units

Larger systems can be designed for larger usage however some restrictions apply, we can discuss these conditions at the time of site inspection.

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No deposit required, you only pay when the solar system is installed.


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