Efficient & Reliable Solar Inverters

Solar inverters take direct current electricity, generated by your solar panels, and converts the current to an alternating current which can then feed back into the grid.   But, is that all we need to know?  Are all inverters equal?

What do better inverters offer:

  •    Quality/Value
  •    Warranty 
  •    Presence in Australia 
  •    Developed by established companies
  •    Monitoring

Good solar inverters are considered to be efficient and reliable.   Cheap inverters are sold by ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ companies without a warranty.  Their unreliable nature, poor customer service and low-cost components will end up leaving you out of pocket.  So, think carefully.

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Fronius Inverter

Fronius Primo.jpg

Fronius is one of the top 4 manufacturers, and their single & three phase devices are ideal inverters for residential systems.

GoodWe Inverter

Goodwe Inverter.jpg

GoodWe have an excellent range of inverters which are good quality, good value & come with a 10 year replacement warranty.

Huawei Inverter

Huawei Inverter.JPG

Huawei is one of world's largest manufacturers of solar inverters, providing quality and  reliable inverters.

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