Solar Panel Perth Home Solar Power How Solar Power Systems Work

How Solar Panels & Inverters Work

Powering your home with solar energy:

1. Sunlight (photons) hits the solar modules, which in turn converts the light energy into direct current (DC) electricity (volts). This process of converting light energy (photons) to electricity (volts) is called the PHOTOVOLTAIC effect.

2. The DC electricity is then fed into your solar inverter which converts this to 240V alternating current (AC) electricity, the same as you normally get from your utility provider.

3. The AC electricity produced from your inverter flows through your electricity meter and is used to power home, and electrical appliances (see 4 below). When your solar system is generating more electricity than you are using, the surplus is then fed back into the main power grid (see 5 below). Your power provider purchases this surplus power from domestic homes, this is known as the fed in tariff (FIT). At night or when your house is using more power than you are producing, your power is supplied from the grid as it has always done in the past.