Solar System Warranties

Inverter and solar panel supplier warranties

Our suppliers all provide warranties on both panels and inverters.  Warranties vary depending on the the supplier however they typically range as per below:

Solar Panels Product Warranties - these tend to range from 12 years to 25 years.

Solar Panels Performance Warranties  - 25 years is the industry standard however a some suppliers now cover up to 30 years.

Inverter Warranties - these tend to range from 5 years to 10 years. GoodWe & Huawei inverters come with  a 10 year warranty. Fronius inverters however come with a 5 year warranty, though this can be extended by another 5 years as long as you register your inverter on their website.

Solar Installation Warranties

Installation warranties are usually 1 - 2 years, but Termico Solar Generation provides a FREE 5-year  Workmanship Warranty from the date of installation.

Under our Termico Solar Generation Workmanship Warranty, we guarantee:

1)    To rectify any system faults or defects related to faulty products and/or installation errors
2)    To repair any damage caused by our contractors during the installation process
3)    To cover all related costs in relation to damages, repairs and/or replacements that are required due to faulty products and / or workmanship

*Conditions apply

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