How to clean solar panels

Solar panels generally require very little maintenance.

Though to  ensure you get the most from your panels it is recommended that you have your panels inspected for any dirt & debris a few times a year.

It is always advised to use the services of a professional, however if cleaning solar panels yourself: 

Firstly you must isolate the solar system as advised by the CEC (Clean Energy Council). This is with good reason, water and electricity can be very dangerous! To isolate the solar system, make sure you follow the exact shut down procedure for your inverter. 

Always make sure you are safety conscious when inspecting panels and don’t take any needless risks! If your panels are too high up on the roof to see well from the ground, use caution with ladders.

Panels should be cleaned using a purified water and a soft brush.

  • Panels should not be cleaned with a pressure washer, as doing so could result in cracked glass, or force water  past the seal and in-between the panel back plate and glass. This will short out the cells and damage the panels (the warranty will not cover this damage)
  • Avoid spraying cold water onto hot panels as there is a risk of cracking the panels (therefore cleaning early morning or in the evening is recommended to avoid this)
  • Abrasives and chemicals should also be avoided, as both can result in ‘rough spots’ on the panels where dirt is likely to accumulate.

If your looking for professional solar panel cleaning services in Perth, there are lots of companies to choose from. Many of our clients have used Solar Cleanse who come highly recommended! 

For any further help and advice refer to your solar installation manual, or feel free to contact our friendly customer service team on 9443 8896.