Top Tips for buying a Solar System:

There are a lot of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ companies selling poor quality solar products.  So how do you decide on the right company and solar products for you?  

Follow these top tips to ensure you make the right choice when buying solar panels for your home and / or business:

  • Do your research on the company your looking to buy your solar system from. You want to make sure in the event anything goes wrong you will have after sales support!    
    • Find out how long have they been around?
    • Check out reviews & recommendations from other solar customers
  •  Make sure they are selling Tier 1 solar products

  • Check out what warranties  they offer on the installation, panels and inverters and how long these warranties last for.

  • Ensure they are using qualified & certified solar installers

  • Ensure their quote is tailored to meet your needs, every home is different so you want to ensure your getting the best solar system to meet the requirements of your household.

  • Does the consultant offer good advice on how to maximise savings with solar?

  • Are there supporting associations such as Master builders or HIA

    Lastly when working out the benefits of buying solar, it is important to try and estimate the payback period, so you know how much money you can make. In many cases, the payback period can be less than 3 years.  To estimate your payback period click here

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