GoodWe Solar Inverters

GoodWe have an excellent range of inverters, which are good quality, good value and come with a 10 year warranty. Single and Three phase inverter options are avaliable.

With improved monitoring systems, user-friendly interface, lower noise emissions and great price makes them one of the more popular inverters on the Australian market.

  • More compact & much lighter
  • Wider working voltage range & Quicker start to work
  • Better Monitoring System which is easy to operate
  • Innovatory Wi-Fi Solutions

Keeping the power generating!

As GoodWe is one of the more popular brand of inverters selected by Termico Solar Generation customers we are now offering a remote monitoring service of your system. This means we will undertake regular checks on your system remotely & notify you if it goes offline.

There are various reasons a system can go offline i.e. power outages, being switched off by trades visiting your home to carry out maintenance etc. Often you would only become aware that this has happened when you see an increase in your Synergy bill (unless you’re monitoring the system regularly yourself of course).

At Termico we understand that people lead busy lives and are here to help where we can. Therefore we will do the monitoring for you & contact you if there are any issues to ensure you continue getting the most from your system!

Full details of our GoodWe solar inverter range can be found on the datasheets below:

GoodWe Single Phase XS Series Inverters

GoodWe Single Phase DNS Series Inverters

GoodWe Three Phase SDT Series Inverters

If you need help deciding what inverter is best to meet your solar requirements contact our dedicated customer service team today on 08 9443 8896, or request a call back by filling out our contact form.

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