Why West Aussies love solar

According to the Bureau of Meteorology data, Perth is the sunniest State capital in Australia with a long-term annual average of 8.8 hours of sunshine a day. It’s no wonder with so much sun light that more and more Western Australian’s are moving to Solar.

Currently almost 1 in 3 homes across Perth and the South West have a roof top solar system installed & are seeing an amazing return on their investment.

For many customers at the time of purchasing the cost of a 5kW or 6kW Solar System would have been around $4000 - $6000. On average these customers have found that the payback period on their solar system has been about 4 years and they are receiving on average a 25% return on investment. You can’t currently get bank interest for more than 5%, therefore roof top solar is a fantastic investment.

WA has been amongst the first to provide cost competitive solar solutions. Today solar has become more affordable than ever before with a 6.6kW Solar System ranging from $2800 - $4000. The reduction in the cost of solar means that the payback periods have almost halved and the return on investments have increased to almost 50%.

If you haven’t had solar installed to your home yet then it is really a great time to start thinking about getting more from your money by investing in solar!


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