Solar Costs vs Savings

How you could be saving $1,800 per year! 

As the cost of living continues to rise Perth families are seeking ways in which they can cut down on their monthly outgoings.

With Perth being reported as Australia’s sunniest State capital, it comes to reason that many of us are looking at how Solar can help us save. Though while Solar is an attractive option, many of us don’t have the funds readily available to purchase a system or just haven’t got around to it yet. 

Those that have taken the solar leap though are amazed by how much they are saving and are wishing they had done it sooner. 

Affordable Solar Systems

Like all countries across the world there is an emphasis on reducing carbon emissions, giving solar power a huge amount of support from banks and local governments. This has helped the cost of solar systems decrease making them more affordable. 

As Solar Systems become more affordable more and more people are seeing the benefits. For example a 6.6kW Solar System purchased through Termico Solar Generation costing $2,990 is saving people on average an incredible $1, 800 per year! 

Make Money With Solar!

Want Solar but don’t have $2,990 to invest? Not a problem! 

Termico Solar Generation are now offering $o up front with payment plans available. The savings from your solar system will cover the repayment costs leaving you with no out of pocket expense.

Even if you ONLY use 60% of the power generated by their 6.6kW system financed over 5 years. You would cover the repayment costs and save yourself an additional $50 per fortnight!!

There has never been a better time to buy so what are you waiting for contact Termico Solar Generation today

** prices & savings outlined in this article are based on Termico Solars' pricing as at 01/02/2020 and therefore subject to change **


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