Is it time to upgrade my solar system?

For those of you that had a solar system installed to a home in Australia in 2010 & 2011 it is likely you will have been benefiting from the Governments Feed in Tariff scheme which was aimed at helping renewable energy system owners recover the cost of installation.

This means that you will have been receiving between 40-47cents back on any unused solar energy produced by your system that has been passed back into the energy grid.

Over the years the Government Feed in Tariff scheme has benefitted more than 75,000 customers with more than $430 million paid out to Western Australians to date.

This scheme however is coming to the end meaning that you will now only receive 7cents per kW for unused energy placed back to the grid, and therefore you will soon see a drop in your renewable energy credits on your power bill.

One way to potentially increase your credits on the new Feed in Tariff scheme is to upgrade your solar system.

Over the last 10 years there have been some amazing advancements in solar energy and systems are now more affordable than ever before. For example a 6.66kW system now starts from $3090 which is less than what most people would have paid for a 1.5kW system back 10 years ago.

If you are interested in finding out more about upgrading your current solar system give our team a call today on 08 9443 8896.

Termico Solar Generation continue to one of Perth’s most trusted solar companies, supplying quality solar systems at affordable prices.

Termico Solar Generation is here today and will still be here tomorrow!

Over the last 5 years the market has seen more than 500 solar companies go out of business. This has left customers with no after sales support, and the cost to pay another solar company to repair theory system. (Source reference: LG Energy).

Don’t risk being left with a worthless warranty – choose Termico Solar Generation.


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