Are you working from home?

There are some great benefits to both employers and employees that come from giving staff the ability to work from home.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues & we are being asked to stay home where ever possible, more and more companies are putting in measures to set their staff up for home working.

As the time we spend inside our homes increases it’s likely that many of us will also see a significant rise in our power bills.  The ABC recently highlighed concerns over engergy bill increases in their  report 'How the coronavirus lockdown will drive up electricity costs for households'. Which is why this month we have focused on providing you all with some hints and tips on keeping your energy bills down.

How keep the cost of energy down while you're working from home

Whether you already have solar, looking to buy solar or just looking to reduce the cost of your power bills without solar then Termico has you covered!

We hope you have found the above content useful and if you have any tips on making the most of your solar panels or reducing your power bills then please feel free to share these with us by visiting our contact us page.

Last but not least we also thought we would help brighten your day by sharing some of our top working from home fails – enjoy!

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