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How can we maximize solar cell efficiency?

Advanced panels and the right conditions lead to the best solar cell efficiency

Quick tips on getting the best solar cell efficiency

Without getting too scientific, here are a few things you can do to maximise the efficiency of your solar cells:

  • •    Positioning - Solar cells are most effective when they are placed in a position of direct and constant sunlight.  Shading, whether it be from trees or simply clouds passing by, will affect the efficiency of the cells.  Therefore, north facing, tilted, unshaded panels are most efficient.
  • •    Cleaning and regular maintenance will keep your solar panels free from dirt and grime, helping to increase efficiency.

Advanced panels for best efficiency

  • •     Most manufacturers have an output tolerance of - /+ 3%. That means that they perform within 3% of the expected Watts output. Check the tolerance and type of panel you buy.  Most panels are silicon crystalline solar cells, however, better panels will have a solid copper backing, thicker connectors and no grid lines in front of the cells.  Better panels convert more power and last longer.
  • •    Solar panels are affected by heat.  The hotter they get the less efficient they become.