What are the benefits of solar energy?

For most, the key benefit of solar energy is to avoid the rising cost of power.  In Perth, electricity prices are set to rise 15% (West Australian) in the next two years for residential customers, and commercial customers have seen price rises of over 100% since 2000 (University of Melbourne Climate and Energy College).  

Another key draw for solar is the renewable energy source the sun provides over the carbon footprint left by coal and other power stations.  Particularly in Australia, where there is so much sunshine, it is hard to ignore such an amazing free renewable green energy source that is right there for the taking.

Are solar panels worth it?

Whilst there is an initial outlay when you purchase solar panels, often you can recoup your outlay within 3 years.  Your panels are likely to be good for 20 years, so you then receive approximately 17 years free day time electricity. Together with incentives (currently incentives decrease every year for 14 years), rebates and improved technology, it is not worth missing out on.  Contact us today on 08 9443 8896 for a no obligation free quote.

Why should you buy into solar power?

Globally we are all waking up to the realization that we need to protect the environment and prevent climate change. The Commonwealth has set Renewable Energy Targets (RET) in order to reduce the carbon footprint and global warming.  Besides great savings via incentives and rebates, and avoidance of huge power bills, it is up to us to do our bit too ‘go green’ for the sake of our planet.