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Q Cells Power 270w

The new Q.POWER-G5 is the result of the continue evolution of Q Cells polycrystalline solar modules. Thanks to improved power yield, excellent reliability and high-level operational safety, the new Q.POWER-G5 generates electricity at a low cost  and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Superior Yield
New innovative poly module with six-busbar cell technology for high reliability and power.

Quality Engineering
Engineered in Germany and made in high tech Chinese factory.

Great Performance
Great performance in low light (97% relative efficiency at 200W/m2) and high temp (temperature coefficient -0.40%/K)

Smaller footprint
Frame 35mm x 1650mm high x 991mm wide.

Tested under extreme conditions
Outstanding endurance against PID (Potential Induced Degradation) - proven in third party testing under extreme conditions of 1000 hours 1500V, 85˚C, 85% RH.

A reliable investment 
Leading 12 year product warranty and competitive performance warranty – year 1, 97%, then 0.6% degradation per year - 83% at 25 years.

Wind load tested
Wind load testing to 4000 Pa (IEC); and currently at James Cook University Cyclone Test Centre, Townsville, for more rigorous testing (August 2017).

Hanwha Group
Backed by arguably the most secure company in the industry – Hanwha Group – a Global Fortune 500 Company, established in the 1960s, very diversified and with assets of approximately $US150b.

Q Cells Solar Power Datasheet

12 Year Product Warranty & 25 Year Performance Warranty

Q CELLS is completely devoted to the advancement of solar power technology.  They are so confident in the power and performance of their product, that they'll not only give you a 12-year panel warranty (20% longer than most),but one of the best 25-year linear (or long-term) performance guarantees on the market.

Q Cells Solar Power Warranty Information 

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