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Are there rebates (STC) applicable to Solar Batteries?

No not today. This only applies to the PV panels installed. 

Can I retrofit a battery storage system?

Yes, in most cases you can retrofit to an existing system.  There are a number of installation requirements to consider which generally involve adding a battery inverter device to manage AC current, whilst your solar inverter converts DC to AC current.  An assessment of the current inverter and panels configurations to ensure sufficient power can be generated to store in the battery for overnight use would be helpful.

Is there a battery ready PV solar system?

Many people ask if this can be available in their current purchase of a PV system. Most PV systems are battery ready, however you need to consider what needs to be added to the system when your contemplating adding batteries, installing a hybrid inverter with high efficiency solar panels can help this process. Compatibility of battery systems are very important assessments to be made.  

Can I purchase a battery back up system today with my PV system?

Yes, there are a number of examples of back up battery ready PV systems today which continue to innovate and work towards cost effective products, Termico Solar offer several for you to consider. 

Do I require approval to connect a battery?

Yes, talk to your energy supplier to undertake that process or Termico can assist you with that. 

Will a solar battery storage system save me money?

Yes, after installation of an appropriate sized device to meet your nighttime use restricting the need of import of power from the grid. 

If I install a solar battery system does it effect my feed in tariff?

No, only to the extent you will not be exporting to the grid that much it now feeds to the battery. 

What are the costs to purchase and install a solar battery system?

These will vary widely in each home. Based on the size system, Installation requirements and in the case of retrofits, will the current system be able to be incorporated or not. There are no straight answers without a complete assessment.  

If I decide to wait for affordable solar batteries should I install PV solar now?

Yes. Saving money on your power bills by installing solar PV has never been better as power prices continue to rise. You do need to consider the type of solar panels to use now. We recommend high efficiency panels like SunPower or Q Cells Peak that produce a higher yield able to charge the battery.