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About of Solar Battery Storage Systems

With the West Australian reporting that WA is set to record the second highest electricity prices in Australia, more and more people are starting to ask questions about Solar Battery Storage Systems.

Battery Storage Systems are now available and bring some great benefits, such as:

Significant savings on your electricity bills
Solar Battery Systems can help you save even more money on your electricity bills. Instead of your system exporting excess solar energy to the grid for a small feed-in tariff, your solar battery will store any excess electricity, allowing you to use it later in the evening, when your solar PV system is not generating any electricity. 

Reduced reliance on the grid
Installing a battery system to your home or business will lessen the amount of energy you need to buy from the grid.

Backup Power 
Battery Storage Systems can be set up to provide you with back up power in the event of an outage.

How Solar Battery Storage Works

Solar battery storage works by storing excess solar production during the day for use at night. This is more cost effective than selling it back to your retailer during the day at a cheaper rate. On a time of use tariff, you can also purchase grid power during cheaper periods, reducing how much you purchase during peak periods. Battery systems can also be configured to provide power in an outage. There are a few different types of battery storage systems available. To find out which system would best fit your needs please contact us, and speak to one of our friendly consultants!

Is it worth purchasing a battery system now?

There are important aspects to consider when contemplating investing in solar battery storage with a new PV System, or a retrofit for your existing PV System.  You want to maximise the benefits that will assist with a return on the investment, but importantly be able to meet your electricity requirements at night. 

While Battery Systems are becoming more cost effective, they are a big investment. Battery storage prices are not yet at the level where it makes economic sense for the average Australian to add batteries to their home. You are looking at around a 15 year payback on batteries with an expected lifespan of 10 years.

However not everyone cares about payback when buying batteries. Some people are prepared to spend the money to get their grid imports as low as possible.

The first generation of Solar Batteries has arrived with many manufacturers in the process of bringing better innovations at a less cost to market.  2018 will be the year these innovations will offer more choice,at reasonable prices,  in the meantime we can assist you to retrofit or include compatible systems available today.