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Thought you couldn't afford solar? .......... Think again! 

Many of us love the idea of getting a solar system installed for our homes and why wouldn't we? With electricity prices continuing to rise  it’s an easy way to cut down on those monthly bills. Though whilst we can clearly see the benefits of getting solar power many of us just don't have the money readily available for the upfront costs.
If the upfront costs of a solar system is what's been holding you back then we have the answer for you. Termico Solar Generation is now making solar more affordable than ever, giving everyone the chance to save with solar! 

Get Solar Now and Pay Later

Termico Solar Generation are now offering $o up front with payment plans available. The savings from your solar system will cover the repayment costs leaving you with no out of pocket expense.

Even if you ONLY use 60% of the power generated by their 6.6kW system financed over 5 years. You would cover the repayment costs and save yourself an additional $50 per fortnight!!

  • 6.6KW Solar System fully installed

     ​​MASSIVE 6.6kW Solar PV System with 24x 275w Tier 1 Solar Panels

    5.0kW Quality Goodwe Inverter (can be upgraded to a Fronius 5.0kW Inverter*)
  • FREE 10 Year Inverter Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 25 Year Panel Manufacturer's Performance Warranty
  • 5 Year Workmanship Warranty 
  • FREE Wi-Fi monitoring
  • FREE appointment with one of our Solar Energy Consultants
  • Dedicated technical support

Offers are for a limited time only, terms and conditions apply.

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